Jul 7
Japanese breakfast

In order to greet the new day with a smile and good mood, you should have a good Breakfast. It is interesting that in Japanese culture the food the morning meal is of great importance and is often characterized by its "density".

Oct 13
What lies behind the rituals in Japanese cuisine

There is a version that the first restaurant in the world was not in Paris, as is commonly believed in Europe, and Edo — Tokyo future. This is not surprising: the first mention of the culture of Japanese food — 15 thousand years.

Sep 1
How to eat sushi

Sushi is traditionally can have two ways: hands and sticks.

Jul 2
Sauces in Japane. Part 2

Sauces, different according to the recipe and its purpose, have in any kitchen of the world, and it is often specific to filling certain dishes become a kind of symbol of the country.

Japanese cuisine is no exception. And from our last article, it became clear that a rich palette of spices, the land of the rising sun not limited to soy sauce...

May 19
Sauces in Japane. Part 1

Sauces in Japan - is an art that can take longer than the preparation of all dishes. It should be born  in mind that each sauce is combined with certain foods.

Apr 10
Sesame: Legend from Asia

According to Assyrian legend, when the gods met to create the world, they drank wine made from sesame seeds...

Feb 15
Facts about Japanese food

Japanese cuisine usually consists of rice , meat, vegetables and fish. Japanese dishes emphasize the most quality of food and its presentation of . It is not surprising that the Japanese complain about the poor quality of food , while in other countries. Most key components of a Japanese cuisine specialties are:

Oct 31
Japanese alcoholic beverages

As usual, in our articles we tell about japanese food, its traditions and new waves. But here we are going to wtite about alcoholic beverages in Japane.