How to eat sushi

Sushi is traditionally can have two ways: hands and sticks.

Как есть суши
The rules of etiquette in Japan require women to use chopsticks as flatware, and men are allowed to eat with chopsticks or your hands to choose from.
These customs are observed in the Japanese families today.
The women of noble blood never ate hands, but men of noble birth have always relied solely hands. Why there was such a division? There is a theory that when you visit the tea houses and communicating with geishas noble man had to eat with your hands to control myself and not let too much. After kimono geisha could be worth a fortune, it is a man, stain it had to pay damages. Japanese soldiers, in contrast, has always had only sticks, that at any moment they could take up arms. For the same reason, it was supposed to use chopsticks and women to quickly grab the dagger and stand up for themselves.


Sushi specially made small, one bite. There are varieties of sushi, for example, the famous rolls that just crumble when trying to take a bite. Another important and little known nuance in soy sauce should be dipped rice, namely the upper part of the land and the top layer on the tongue send it into his mouth. There is also a more elegant variation: the sauce should be pickled ginger dip and they have to grease top "stuffing."
Of course, everyone decides how it tastes better eating sushi. But it was above methods can make the roll was not scattered and not too salty taste.