Japanese breakfast

Japanese breakfast
In order to greet the new day with a smile and good mood, you should have a good Breakfast. It is interesting that in Japanese culture the food the morning meal is of great importance and is often characterized by its "density".

What the Japanese eat for Breakfast? If you ask such a question in another country, it is unlikely that you can get an instant response. After all, most people don't have certain standards in a meal. But the Japanese have. Of course, the execution may be different, but basically it is always the same set.
Traditional Japanese Breakfast consists of boiled rice, miso soup and various side dishes and salads. Typical side dishes served for Breakfast in Japan, is roasted or grilled fish, tamagoyaki (rolled omelet), Onsen tamago (or egg tamago), tsukemono (pickled vegetables; served with rice), laver (dried seaweed), natto (the Japanese soy cheese), etc. According to Japanese etiquette is supposed to put rice bowl on the left, and a bowl of miso soup on the right side of the table.
The soup, which is made mostly from mushrooms and called "miso", it is customary not to eat with a spoon, and drink. Cutlery in Japan — it's only a stick. Despite the fact that in the presence of such quantities of food, Breakfast seems to be rich, in fact, there is very little protein. Therefore, Breakfast is so important, the presence of eggs.