Sauces in Japane. Part 1

Sauces in Japan - is an art that can take longer than the preparation of all dishes. It should be born  in mind that each sauce is combined with certain foods. Soy sauce can only be called universal. Asian traditional cuisine simply can not imagined without sauces - they are myriad: hot and cold, spicy, sweet and sour, and cooked with the addition of various spices. The sauce is able to give the dish a new sound - flavored food they received their portion of the desired acidity or sharpness produced by mixing a number of ingredients. 

 As a rule, for the preparation of any Asian sauce requires far more than one or two components, 7-8, and even more. Through this sauce dish gives a unique taste, has many shades. Unlike other countries in Asia, Japan's culinary traditions are such that the products are not changed during the cooking process beyond recognition. That is why it is considered that Japanese cuisine is softer compared with Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. 

Soy sauce 
The greatest popularity among Japanese soy sauce seasoning obtained by which the national cuisine acquires a specific taste. Its composition is quite simple - it is made from soybeans, wheat, and salts thereof. Soy sauce has many great features such as the ability to give the dishes a pleasant flavor, salty flavor, eliminating unwanted odors number of products, making it mandatory is added to dishes made with poultry and fish. 

Teriyaki sauce 
This sauce is recommended to use with hot dishes, fish and meat. It is very convenient for dishes that are cooked over an open fire. Their recipes teriyaki sauce, there are several. The easiest option is the one that includes spices. In most cases, cooking teriyaki sauce used mirin, soy sauce, sake and sugar. More complex versions require the use of vegetables, natural ginger root, leek and a few other components. Teriyaki sauce from the company ResFood made using a unique formula developed by our experts, which has already managed to get the recognition and love the large number of chefs. 

Unagi sauce 
This delicious sauce, strictly speaking, is not a classical Japanese sauce. It was designed by chefs to give additional seafood flavors. With it, you can do the dishes beautiful Japanese - sushi, rolls, salads, hot dishes, etc. Unagi sauce has a dark color, sweet taste with hints of spices, thick consistency. 

This sauce is called wine, and sweet rice wine. In XV-XVI centuries mirin was known alcoholic beverage is sweet and analogue sake. Then it was used in a somewhat unusual for us to form the food before consumption dipped in the drink.

Today Mirim - a mandatory ingredient for making sushi rice. It gives sauces, stews and marinades sweet taste.

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