1. Confidence in the future

We are leaders in the supply of Asian products in the HoReCa segment! This means that any employee feels ResFood stability, security and confidence in the future.

Behind us - many conquered peaks, and ahead of the most ambitious goals!

2. ResFood does not stop there!

Our employees seek to grow professionally and the company provides this option.

Professional and personal development of employees is constantly increasing in trainings, seminars, exhibitions.

Diligence, initiative and passion - the key to career take-off!

3. Team of associates – and how differently?!

We create a team of like-minded associates. We prefer such universal values as family, love of country, devotion to the business. So here you will meet not just with professionals but good people.

4. Excellent working conditions and attractive benefits package!

ResFood appreciates the talents and efforts of its employees.

Wages above the market by 20% or more.

Benefits package you will enjoy: will provide DMS, teach English and pay for a vacation anywhere in the world!).

5. We are able not only to work but to rest.

Want to conquer steep rapids in a kayak? Or visit the captain of a sailing yacht and to understand the difference between the sail from the pontoon? Maybe you love the corporate performances? Then you have just like it! ResFood fills the daily life of the band of bright events.

Want to work in ResFood, but there is no suitable vacancy?

Send CV to e-mail and we will try to find for you most suitable option!

Welcome to ResFood team!