Foodies often take pictures of food at restaurants
According to experts, fashion trend has swept not only young people but also older people.

High technology in almost all spheres of our life. Today about a man you can learn a lot – just go to his page on the social network. Many people, and not only the young but also the older generation, are happy to talk about his life in photographs. So, in the photos you can see how the person works, what he likes... and even what he eats. Indeed, almost every major restaurant you can see the gourmets with smartphones, which enthusiastically taking pictures of just food served to them. And this trend, say experts, has gripped people all over the world.

"Many restaurant chains encourage foodies to capture food," says the specialist in innovative marketing major Chicago Corporation Technomic Inc." Mary Chapman. Because for any institution photos posted on public display in Instagram or Pinterest, are additional, very effective, and most importantly – absolutely free advertising".
Today a variety of establishments, including bars with Japanese cuisine, create their own online application where users can create account, upload photos with their favorite dishes, order food in advance or a payment. And some institutions even encourage such active clients – for example, a nice bonus in the form of gift portions of the rolls.